Top Influencers Needed

Or… just some really passionate foodies that like to take LOTS of pictures of their food already but now they realize they might want to get free food and be paid for those pictures…

Our Mission

People NEED more Gourmet in their lives.

With all the hustle and bustle of society today, people are not taking the time needed to enjoy good food. Yet we don’t mean that new 2000 calorie burger you can get in the drive thru. We are talking about that juicy, grass-fed, organic, tri-tip, steak, or brisket with garlic smashed potatoes. The Fresh Alaskan Salmon over steamed rice with sprigs of fresh dill. That white table cloth, treat yourself right kind of gourmet eating is what we’re talking about.


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The movement

Gourmet Food in the comfort of your own home!

If only we had a small group of people that loved sharing the message of gourmet, healthful, sustainable, responsible eating in 2018 to their friends, family, and followers online… and that’s where you come in! 


How It Works

Basically, we need your content and put together a series of perks to reward you for sharing the message of Bon Appetit and easy Gourmet Food delivered right to their door. 

Weekly Delivery
Two Portions

We simply hand pick items from our menu and deliver them to you each week. There are two portions so that you can perfect your plate, feed your partner… or so you can eat two portions. Whatever you’d like to do there. 

Online Photos

Before & After Photos
Thawed and Plated

You will then have 7 days to return at least two high quality images to so that you can receive your next weeks delivery.

One Raw & Thawed, and One Plated


Article & Recipe
Creative Freedom

Besides eating the food, this is probably the funnest part. You will get to share with us an article of your creative license, which covers anything in the gourmet living, or healthy lifestyle categories. AND whatever recipe you used to plate that tasty food.

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