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Since 1978, Bon Appetit International Gourmet Food Service has provided five star quality gourmet cuisine to the most discerning homes nationwide.

Imagine enjoying top-shelf meals in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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Alaskan King Crab

Magnum cuts of pre-cooked and glazed crab. This crab is noted for its firm sweet tasting meat, and its so easy to serve: legs are scored so they can be opened quickly. Just thaw, rinse, and serve.

Lamb Shanks

These are the lamb’s answer to Porterhouse steaks. They’re the most tender chops on the lamb, and they cook best if they’re thick like ours. The finest and raised in the USA.

Chopped Sirloins

It looks like a hamburger but it eats like a steak. Trimmings from our steaks are chopped and formed into this very popular lean selection. Great for those special cookouts. 

Frenched Center Cut Pork

This selection will give you the most tender juiciness of pork along with the flavor you remember from fresh pork. Prepare these chops inside or out, stuffed or smothered, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

Argentinean Red Shrimp

These wild-caught red Argentinean shrimp look cooked, but are actually raw. They have the consistency, texture, and sweet flavor of succulent lobster! These are peeled, de-veined and cleaned, and are ready to be sauteed, boiled or grilled!

Prime Flat Iron Steaks

Our prime flat iron steak is extra tender and juicy with a robust beef flavor that’s delicious grilled, broiled or pan friend.  Big on flavor, yet completely trimmed, this trendy steak is one you have to try!


What People are Saying


“Amazing quality, great prices… Mick is the best!”

“His level of customer service is unparalleled. Once again this year, he made our holiday season fantastic with the Kobe beef gold tenderloin and shrimp so delectable, they taste like lobster!” Margie Aliprandi

“Mick is very knowledgeable”

“Mick is very knowledgeable about his products and about what each customer may be interested in. And has become a very good friend as he has delivered to our area for nearly 20 years.” Nancy Jo Sweeney

“Another successful experience”

“The very best Prime beef and seafood available. Mick is my Go-to source for the Best!!!” Paul P McGarrell

“What a wonderful business!”

“This guy really cares about the customer and always has the best meats and catering around. I’ve never met a meat distributor that actually cares about his customers more than his money.” Michael Keenan

We are open, and working hard to protect your supply of gourmet meats!

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