Face it… You’re probably past due for a date night!

Do you have plans to treat your partner to a gourmet meal? Maybe the iconic and traditional Steak & Lobster dinner that commemorates many lovely candlelight dinners each year.

Well, we have what you seek and are even giving away one box to a lucky new subscriber on 02/12/2020.

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5 Star - White Tablecloth Restaurant Quality Food

For 1/3-1/4 the price of eating out you can enjoy fine dining in the comfort of your own home. 

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The "In-Home" Gourmet Food Company Since 1978

We have been providing world class gourmet food right to your door for more than 42 years! We have the best products, prices, and services guaranteed!

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Great food for your family!

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“The very best Prime beef and seafood available. Mick is my Go to source for the Best!!!” ~Paul P McGarrell

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“I have been getting high quality meats and seafood from Mick for nearly decades. His level of customer service is unparalleled. Once again this year, he made our holiday season fantastic with the kobe beef gold tenderloin and shrimp so delectable, they taste like lobster! Amazing quality, great prices… Mick is the best!” ~Margie Aliprandi

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“Mick has the best ham, beef brisket and lamb I’ve ever eaten. He’s also a very nice man!” ~Liz Feliciano

What we do

Great food for your family!

<strong>01</strong> Beef

We source the very best in choice and prime grade meats from around the country. We buy them in extremely large bulk quantities to ensure we can pass savings on gourmet meat to you.

02 Chicken

Only the best chicken in the country and the very same you find in the white table cloth restaurants. We have even sourced some of the very best prepared entrees in individual freezer wrapped packages.

03 Seafood

Freshest and flash frozen right on the boat in most cases, we will bring the highest quality seafood like crab legs, king crab, and alaskan salmon right to you.

04 Desserts

Do you have a sweet tooth? Maybe a molten chocolate cake or some tiramisu would satisfy your taste buds. In any case we have a variety of options you should check out.

05 Other Goodies!

Beyond the basics we have a whole world of options we have explored! You would be remiss to not try out a thing or two from this category.

Great food for your family!

Because for you, only the best will do!
5 Star, White Table Cloth Restaurant Quality Food for a Fraction of The Price Delivered to your Home With A Smile! 

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